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Livie Gallery

Livie Gallery shows a wide range of practices within contemporary art, while striving for a non-hierarchical approach towards artistic backgrounds, providing programming for emerging and more established artists alike.


Marie and Caspar Livie opened the Zurich-based gallery in 2019. Livie Gallery began as a platform for international artists to present their work in Switzerland. As the gallery grew more rooted in the context of Swiss contemporary art, Swiss-based artists joined the represented roster, whom Livie Gallery shows in regular programming and at international art fairs.


The gallery also organizes art historical exhibitions, with a high relevance for current artistic practices, aims to provide an open platform for all and to facilitate a dialogue across backgrounds and generations to foster engagement for the arts.


Livie Gallery

Claridenstrasse 34
8002 Zurich, Switzerland

Opening hours

Tue – Fri, 11am – 6pm
Saturday, 12am – 5pm 
and by appointment

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