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toaa was founded in 2023 by rookie art collector Deborrah Schaer, with the mission to convert more art world newbies into art collectors. 

What is toaa?

toaa is a community platform open to anyone who is curious about art collecting.

toaa solves the two main obstacles that hinders art world outsiders to start a collection and invest in artists: access and education. 

Access means building a network of galleries and artists that stand for quality while still affordable in price. Education means knowledge and insights about the art market, artists and their works, careers and prices. Building all of this is time-consuming and expensive. For toaa members, we aim to serve this on the silver platter. 

Join our community and mission!

The art world needs new collectors - you! Join toaa as a member and start your art portfolio. We don't think emerging artists are the new asset class, we believe investing in emerging artists is an investment in yourself.


If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback, drop us a line here.

Start your membership today.

Join our community of new art collectors.

CHF 100 / year 

What you’ll get as a member: 


🎟️ Exclusive events

Invitations to all our exhibitions, studio visits, art fairs and weekends with artists, gallerists and curators. 


📚 Learning journey

Content, webinars and master classes that will teach you how to build a great art portfolio on a small budget. 


💎 Personal advice

Free 30-min art advisory call to help you start or continue your collection, with personal suggestions on galleries, artists or artworks based on your budget preferences.

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