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Electric Art Collective

The electric art collective is a platform bringing you carefully selected, affordable contemporary art by mid-career artists.

Created by artist Peter Hauser and art advisor Sandra Nedvetskaia, sharing a vision of beauty, driven by the search for visual poetry and fuelled by an obsession for collecting our contemporaries. A concept born out of passion for art amidst the world going under, in quarantine, with a healthy dose of humour and a spoonful of hope. We feel strongly that artistic expression reflects our collective consciousness and can help positively transform our attitudes, give hope and be a source of perpetual inspiration.


Today, electric art collective is led by art consultant Sandra Nedvetskaia.

There is no age nor budget to start collecting art. In our view no wall should sit empty – neither yours nor your friends. So dive right in and have fun with our selection – discover, collect, indulge, give art to others. Get electrified!



Selected artworks

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